I am Ed Regensburg, an experienced Adult, Child  Clinical Art Psychotherapist located in East Northport, NY, 11731 in Suffolk County on Long Island. I provide experienced, compassionate, and effective care for you, your child and family utilizing special techniques of mindfulness and imagery developed over 40 years that connect you to your creative, spiritual self. Whether it be reducing anxiety and / or  alleviating depression, all mental health issues need to be accurately identified and expressed creatively in order to find inner control of the root emotions that cause the moods and behaviors. While medications are short term tools that sometimes help manage immediate crises,  they usually are not  the healthiest strategy for long term healing.

Are you Anxious / Depressed, but can’t figure out why?

Do you have an “overly sensitive” child, very smart but having behavior issues? (ADHD / ASD)

Are events of the past getting in the way of your future? (PTSD)

Do you need someone who can really understand & help you heal yourself naturally?

Are you or your child having difficulty with daily living ? Something is not right….you can feel it, but you don’t know what it is.

My practice focuses on helping Adults and Children learn about, identify and gain control of their feelings and thoughts, reduce stress, learn how to cope and navigate difficult issues so they can live full and
productive lives, without medication being the primary treatment.

Learn about art therapy and how I use it to improve life in this Podcast!

Is work, school, homework or socializing a challenge? Are you feeling anxious or worried, and can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong on your own?

As a parent, are you struggling at work or in school with your colleagues or relationships? Is your child fighting with you all the time? Is parenting taking all the energy you have? Is just getting through the day overwhelming? The skills I have acquired over my 40 years of work help adults and children suffering from anxiety, depression, Post-Traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and grief, adoption or divorce issues.

Children and Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other neuro-cognitive conditions (developmental disabilities) can’t always use verbal language to communicate their concerns.

My approach is especially effective when “words alone are not enough”.  I am an expert in the hidden language of imagery and symbols, allowing us to connect through a different language.

If you need assistance, I can help you. My fees are reasonable and affordable for most individuals and families. Please call me at 631-493-0933, text to 516-652-4361 or email me : eareg@optonline.net to schedule your complimentary phone consult.