About Ed Regensburg

Ed Regensburg, LCAT

I am trained in analytic psychotherapy, licensed in New York State, and hold board certification as a clinical Art Therapist (ATR-BC, LCAT) and a pioneer in the field of clinical art psychotherapy. My career has been a pursuit of integrated alternative approaches that embrace creativity and spirituality in order to conceptualize and deliver effective mental health services.

My journey began at State University of New York at New Paltz where I graduated in 1975 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education. I immediately pursued and received a Master’s Degree in Creative Arts Therapy from Hofstra University in 1980.

Ed RegensburgBeginning in 1975 and continuing through 1992 I designed, established, and supervised the clinical Art Therapy Programs at three key area health facilities:

  • North Shore University Hospital
  • Sagamore Children’s Center
  • Pederson Krag Mental Health Center

In 1992 I established and directed the first Wellness, Education, and Treatment Through The Arts Program at the North Shore Creative Rehabilitation Center for people with special needs with a focus on psychiatric illness, for 16 years.

More recently I established the Art Therapy Program at Family Residences & Essential Enterprises, Inc. and currently serve as the Director of the Art Therapy Department.

The natural progression of my journey has been the establishment of my exclusive private practice specializing in the use of imagery integrated with verbal psychotherapy, with a focus on emotional healing for adults, children and individuals with special needs.

My single minded approach to therapy can provide relief for anyone, especially adults and children who suffer from anxiety and not feeling good about themselves. I also treat people with conditions of autism spectrum disorder, and developmental disabilities as they require a special approach to effectively help relieve anxiety, depression, Post-Traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attention deficit, and grief, divorce or adoption issues.

If you or a loved one is suffering and needs help, please call Ed 631-493-0933 for a complimentary phone consult.