CONFERENCE by E.A. Regensburg
Published on Published onSeptember 16, 2017
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Ed Regensburg
Ed Regensburg
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After 13 years of exploring Saturn, we get to see some fairly amazing images of a planet that for most of us are brand new, maybe. They are available at the NY Times site®ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news

Perhaps you have gazed at the stars (and planets) and wondered out loud about how immense the cosmos appears…perhaps you have thought it was just to big of an idea to grasp and hold on to?

Cassini brings one planet closer than ever before (maybe)…and its moons are no less spectacular. When you read the descriptions of each planetoid you will see that each one has its own environment, whether it be ice, methane oceans, gas plumes, etc.

All of us have our own environments as well. We all orbit around certain people, places and things. Some people believe we have been “orbiting” these environments for many lifetimes attempting to work through our individual karma, and our shared collective karmic wheels. What if we all are “Cassinis” ? Space travelers through a vast and alive cosmic environment attempting to find common ground, relevance and purpose?

We all seek answers to the questions of existence….What is so interesting is how imagery can be a significant tool to support our journey of understanding. While viewing one of the recent NASA photos of the moon Tythos I was struck how it looks like the main planetoid in my painting CONFERENCE (above). I always feel connected to the celestial movements…and see images that don’t always have a rational, logical explanation. I think most of us have similar feelings and need to open up to them.

If we were to trust these feelings of unusual perceptions…otherworldy visions…and seemingly fantastic possibilities…do you think we could create a more peaceful planet, right here on Earth? I do. I think it is time to meditate deeply on the images we keep in our head…integrate them with our hearts and collectively know we are here to transform our existence.

It is time to make the dimensional shift of our spirituality…and usher in the coming Golden Age.

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