Child Therapy Services

Child Therapy ServicesI provide psychotherapy for Children including individuals with Special Needs (Trauma, Autism, PDD). Additionally I have a specialty working with Children experiencing issues related to Adoption, Divorce and Grief.

My unique approach utilizes both verbal and creative arts techniques. This combination is particularly effective with people struggling with anxiety, depression, self esteem, socialization, focus and concentration. For children who are Autistic, have a form of ADHD or ID (Intellectual Disability) or are just too young to talk about their feelings my approach allows for emotional expression integrated with teaching the vocabulary of emotions and modeling appropriate social communication skills.

I have been in practice for 40 years, caring for Adults and Children. My office is conveniently located in East Northport, Long Island , New York, 11731.

Psychotherapy and Counseling usually rely on verbal expression (words) alone for emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual information. There are feelings and perceptions that exist in all people, that words cannot always adequately describe. In cases where a person may not be able to use words effectively, the challenge for expression becomes more significant. I provide the context for unlimited healing, growth and transformation for anyone, especially for those circumstances that seem overwhelming and unusually challenging.

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Does Your Child Have Adoption or Divorce Issues?


Adopted children often experience some amount of trauma as a result of separation from their biological parents. The legacy of this trauma is an unconscious “imprint” upon their psyche which colors their learning and development. The child wants to understand what happened and often seeks to re-connect with their biological parents. This creates conflict which needs to be resolved so the individual can make peace within themselves.


Children going through a divorce are similar in that they are grieving for a loss.  This creates enormous levels of stress because of:

  • Competing allegiance to each parent
  • Feelings like it’s their fault (guilt)
  • Low self esteem
  • Misplaced feelings of failure
  • Anger

When this occurs, a child needs support to navigate the rough emotional waters that characterize adjustment to his or her new life situation.

Both of these issues can also lead to anxiety and depression.  Fortunately, both issues can be treated.

What I Can Do To Help

I am a psychotherapist who has successfully treated children and adults for 40 years across a wide variety of clinical diagnoses including many with adoption and divorce issues.  My art therapy philosophy centers on the understanding that emotions, both conscious and unconscious, are often the drivers of all behaviors.  If you facilitate the correct expression of emotion, you can bring about balance, self regulation, and develop powerful insights that can change behavior.

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