Extraterrestrial Emotional Life
Published on April 20, 2017

Ed Regensburg
Clinical Art Psychotherapist, Private Practice at Ed Regensburg, LCAT
New York Times, April 20,2017, Pg. A17 “Promising Target in the Search for Extraterrestrial Life”

So once again we “see” an article reporting on the exciting discoveries of multiple dwarf suns and their planets …some of which mimic our earth and hold the possibility for life as we know it. The article talks about the planets’ ability to hold a thick enough atmosphere whereby winds could distribute the heat and cold from what was previously understood as “tidally locked” planets (no movement, so one side of the planet would be a “burning hell and eternal frostbite on the other”.

Funny how that sounds a lot like us…as a species. We humans tend to polarize our emotions and without any formal emotional education in school, we are left to figure out how our “internal winds” can warm our heart and cool our aggressions. Given the rise in aggression and its counter movement throughout our world this concept of emotional fluidity is more important than ever. For if we do not learn (choose) to temper our swords…we risk our ability to survive and participate in the larger universe…of which we are inextricably a part of.

For your consideration, from my second book Quantum Correlations, Chapter 12, REFLECTIONS, page 126…


I believe that humans have the capability of using imagery to access our long-forgotten memories, of not only when we first appeared on this planet, but where we may have existed spiritually before that. Over four decades of helping thousands of people release and express their internal images, it has become clear to me that at least some of them appear to have their roots in a dimension of life commonly referred to as spirit, which is not easy to identify. Through careful dissection of the imagery, it has been my amazement to correlate colors, forms and feelings that relate to our natural world (on the planet earth), and by reference and sometimes directly, relate to another planet, the Sun, or unknown force which might be the dark matter that is everywhere, but that we are not yet able to fully know or understand. It is enough for me to embrace this understanding and a privilege to work with the god forces of creativity as I help a fellow human being go through the healing process, because I know that we are also all healing each other and the universe at the same time.

The power of using imagery to access our long forgotten memories, as well as the energy of our Sun, could activate our double helix DNA. This could repair and integrate us, giving us the potential to fully actualize our destiny and become truly intergalactic citizens. We can move beyond this physical reality and current lifetime to connect with our sister stars, other races, and species. is would allow us to join in the co-creation of the cosmos, facilitating the interplanetary migration of energy…leading us to the new unknown.

Every time an authentic piece of art (authentic meaning not coloring in a coloring book, tracing, or copying) is brought into existence, the artist and their facilitators are channeling energies that are contributing to the formation of our future. When an art therapist facilitates this creation, the healing frequencies that are embedded within the process can empower and rejuvenate people on a spiritual level. There certainly aren’t easy words for it, but I believe this process activates the self healing potential of our bodies and minds. That is how this works—it’s how we were designed. When working with an art therapist, the opportunity becomes available to learn about your ability to heal yourself, and dare I say that if you learn what is at work, you can share that with other people.

When an art therapist is aware of the depth of what is happening, she facilitates the integration of psychology, healing, and spirituality. This is profound because expo- nentially, it has the ability to change the world.

As one person or group of people goes through this transformational process, we build toward creating critical mass exponentially around the world, with the potential to heal our race and fulfill the planet’s destiny.

There is no healing without spiritual expression…give spiritual expression.

—Dr. Bill Bahan

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