I MUST BE MENTALLY ILL…and by the way, so are you!

I MUST BE MENTALLY ILL…and by the way, so are you!

I MUST BE MENTALLY ILL…and by the way, so are you
Published on Published onJanuary 15, 2018
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Ed Regensburg
Ed Regensburg
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January, 2018…So we made it through to the next year…Congratulations!!!! No small feat considering the daily forces that threaten our moral and ethical integrity. Recently a friend of my youngest son (19 years of age) asked me “What’s the connection between genius creativity and crazy?”

Great question….only by asking the question we create the problem. Hmmm…..when we unconsciously separate the mental states of “positive” creativity and “negative ” craziness…we set up a foundational dissonance. This means that we inaccurately assume a person is either one or the other. This simply is just not true. Everything is on a graduated spectrum …The “Genius” of a person may be expressed in many ways, ranging from intense paradigm breaking insights to just as intense fabricated realities(imaginary), that go against an accepted norm of “reality”.

This conversation can go on for some time…and we don’t have the bandwidth right here, right now…but please consider this…..If you allow yourself to feel the intensity of all of your emotions and perceptions…and do not judge (or be judged) yourself too harshly, perhaps your imagination will connect you to the infinite source of creativity, which I call the Streaming…our unconscious superhighway of images and perceptions that lead us way out into the cosmos and deeply into our hearts.

From my second book, The Quantum Correlations of Imagery..I offer for your consideration,

Chapter 4 : The Role Of Emotions

…In my lifetime, I have found only one framework that is large enough to include every manifestation of life, including our imagination. This is the cosmological construct of what we currently know about our existence and what is yet to be discovered. This includes the study of disciplines such as astronomy, astrophysics, quantum physics, archaeology, geology, metaphysics, spectroscopy, and spiritual energy work.

This framework of the cosmos encompasses all we can perceive and understand about the physical nature of the world, as well as the creativity of our imagination and intuition. I understand and accept this as the way we connect to the invisible forces of vibrational energy such as electricity, magnetism, gravity, infrared light waves, etc. In short, anything that may not be physically tangible, but is consciously perceptible if you learn how to tune into it. When you become conscious of these energies, it allows you to grab on and gain a foothold into the forces at work that are integral to the healing process, which are usually not talked about, let alone made evident.

That is why expressing imagery (art) is the ultimate way to bring the “star forces” down to earth through our hearts and minds, and bring it into our world in a tangible way.

This is a spiritual quest—for anyone who is having a hard time making this leap into our spiritual connection to the cosmos, you can use the words and ideas of intuition and imagination as a way to grab on and take the next step.

Energy Flow and The Chakra Positions

All the energies of the universe that surround and influence us every day coalesce and enter our body and mind through the root chakra (red), located at the base of the spine, which is the primary assertive impulse of life. Moving upward through our body opens up the second chakra (orange) of emotions, which feeds the third (yellow) chakra of intellect. This activates the fourth heart chakra (green). When the heart chakra, most commonly referred to as the focus for love and compassion, is given voice through the fifth chakra (blue), the energies of sound vibration are manifested into our physical world. When this is connected to the sixth chakra, the third eye located between our eyes in the middle of our forehead (indigo), we have the opportunity to align with our intuitive capabilities, and when we do, it connects us to our seventh chakra (purple), the crown chakra, which reconnects us to the universal energy flow.

We are an open system for the transformation of energy. Through this process, we all become energy processors or agents of transformation for ourselves, those we care about, our world, and the entire universe.

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