Here is a brief outline of my services and policies:



A brief, complimentary phone conversation. 1 hour face-to-face meeting is scheduled.

Evaluation & Assessment

After four sessions, you will have an exact diagnosis and holistic understanding of the issues at hand. Treatment recommendation will be given.


Individual treatment proceeds as ongoing weekly sessions, 45 minutes in duration.
I am committed to helping and creating lasting change for both my adult and child patients. It is important to understand that if a child needs help, parent(s) may need their own treatment as well. Therapy for a child is not therapy for the parent(s), which is a separate process which is usually very helpful in assisting the child’s healing process.


Supervision is available for professionals and students interested in the use of imagery and clinical art psychotherapy.



CREATIVE SANCTUARY® Program design and development is offered for organizations or private practitioners.

CREATIVE SANCTUARY® Wellness, Renewal and Reconnection

Also available are:

  • CREATIVE SANCTUARY® Wellness Workshops
  • CREATIVE SANCTUARY® Learning Seminars
  • CREATIVE SANCTUARY® Retreats for Recovery
  • CREATIVE SANCTUARY® Wellness Based Art Classes for Kids with Special Needs.

Multi-sensory Integration Processing approach that teaches social & communication skills, leading to increased self esteem and self regulation.

Payment & Insurance

Payment is due in full at the time of session in the form of cash or check.

I am an out-of-network provider and will be happy to supply a monthly billing statement/receipt for patients to submit to their insurance for reimbursement. After the deductible has been met, most insurance plans reimburse 60%-80% of the allowable amount for out-of-network mental health benefits. CPT codes to inquire about are: 90834, 90846, and 90847.

Cancellation Policy

When initiating treatment, I reserve a special time for patients each week. Except for emergencies, I require 24 hours advanced notice to cancel or reschedule sessions or you will be responsible for the full session fee.