ROSS 128

ROSS 128

Published on Published onNovember 16, 2017
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Ed Regensburg
Ed Regensburg
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New York Time, November 16, 2017…Page A7…The article titled Just A Bit Roomier Than Earth, And in a Quiet Neighborhood…talks about the newest place in the universe to look for life. What a statement! Even more interesting is that the article needed an “artist’s impression to visualize the newly discovered planet about 11 light years from Earth and Ross 128, its red dwarf star”.

Life is everywhere. Some folks refer to this as The Living Universe…and WE are intrinsic sparks of life within and without it. It is not about looking outward to “find the new place”…but to look inward and realize “We Are The Place!”. When we align with our spiritual essence…resonate with the light…we plug in to the vast “neural network” of the universe…and beyond.

For your consideration, from my recently re-released second book…The Quantum Correlations of Imagery: How Creating Art Heals and Evolves Our Spirit…

Chapter 10


Don’t play what’s there, play what’s not there. —Miles Davis

Where does the InspIratIon come from to participate in the creative process?

The spiritual energy of inspiration comes from the universe—the cosmological forces commonly referred to as universal energy, of which there are many dimensions. For example, gravity, electrical energy, magnetic energy, nuclear energy—all of these can be understood as star energy, which is a prime force involved in the creation of the countless universes, solar systems, and planets that we know exist. In fact, all life on our planet exists because of the energy from our main star, the Sun (i.e., sunlight), working together with the other elements that are present (Long, 1984).

The energy of the Sun, commonly referred to as light, is composed of subatomic particles called photons. Photonic energy is well documented in the literature as one form of energy that acts as a catalyst. Sunlight influences many processes on the planet (Jones and Flaxman, 2012).

When photonic energy enters our atmosphere, it influences all of life—from the trees that grow in the soil, to the fish that live underwater, to our own human hearts. Without sunlight, we would perish.

This energy is easily visible and understandable by anyone who has ever witnessed a rainbow. When light (photonic energy) passes through the moisture droplets in our sky, it is refracted into the seven colors of the rain- bow the same way every time—no exceptions. As said earlier, it is ALWAYS expressed as the seven colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

What this shows us, through our human gift of visualization or sight, is that within the frequency of light we can perceive, those seven colors have something to do with who we are. We have come to equate the symbol of the rainbow with optimism, hope, and goodness.

There are people who believe that these are the colors of the energetic auras that surround our physical bodies. There are people who believe that these are the colors of the chakra energy centers inside of our bodies. I believe that it is all of the above and beyond—these are the seven tones that regulate our emotional and spiritual existence.

Understanding the powerful influence of light, broken down into its seven basic tones, helps one see how this works on a physical level. I believe that these seven tones relate to our seven endocrine glands, which are constantly in motion, regulating our existence and channeling photonic energy—the impulse to be alive—our life force.

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Peace and Good Will to All as we enter this holiday season!

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