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Psychotherapy and Art Therapy
for Adults, Children and Families

Ed Regensburg, ATR-BC, CHt, LCAT

Licensed and Board-Certified



Ed Regensburg, ATR-BC, CHt, LCAT
Ed Regensburg, ATR-BC, CHt, LCAT

Ed Regensburg – Psychotherapist

I am Ed Regensburg, ATR-BC,CHt,LCAT, a licensed and board-certified psychotherapist.

I provide compassionate and effective psychotherapy combining talking with special techniques of mindfulness and imagery developed over 40 years. Whether it is for yourself, or a family member, I can help you understand your issues of concern and connect with your healing potential.

My private practice is the natural evolution of over forty years of  helping people find an effective form of psychotherapy and support.

The healing process is always accessible, even if there are special needs or not easily identified challenges such as why therapy may have been unsuccessful in the past. Integrating many techniques of verbal therapy with complementary techniques such as meditation, breath work, visualization and artistic expression  allows for a deeper understanding of wellness and healing, even if you have tried therapy before. Through the full integration of awareness and behaviors, conflicts can be truly resolved and transformed… not just temporarily making you feel better, only to face the challenges of continued anxiety and depression in the future.

What Makes Working With Me Different?

If you are hurting, especially during these stressful times I can help you!

Would you like to have someone in your corner who understands the challenges of navigating the quickly changing world in which we live? And, at the same time has the training, depth of experience along with skills needed when the circumstance requires deep understanding of your personal issues?

My over four decades of experience will provide you with an accurate assessment of your mental health concerns and give you tools to take control and feel better…going beyond superficial labels and  more fully understand your life…

Understanding the impact of your emotions and thoughts is the key step needed to learn how to get them under control and manage them for the long term. When we interrupt, redirect and positively express feelings of anxiety/depression and conflict we transform these feelings into a more harmonizing state of balance.  I will support you with compassion as you transform your  patterns and behaviors into this healing state.

Everyone views life through their own eyes. the environment in which you find yourself…understanding your past and its influence…along with the some of the largest ideas we as humans all face…our life’s purpose. 

I have researched and studied the many dimensions of life for many years and have woven the best techniques of healing and wellness that were proven effective in my groundbreaking study to teach and show people how to discover their power.



Design and Direction of six Clinical Mental Health programs servicing Children, Families and Adults

Executive Director of  a Creative Rehabilitation Center 

Professor of Graduate Art Therapy / LIU

Private Practice helping children. families and adults as well as Corporations find Wellness

LCAT – NYS Licensed Creative Arts Therapist

ATR-BC- Board Certified Art Therapist

CHt-  Certified Hypnotherapist

Using your mature powers of rationalization, deductive reasoning and control we work together for you to take control of your feelings and thoughts in order to make different choices.

Appealing to the the natural state of imagination and wonder I work with young folks to facilitate how to release stress and teach and role model appropriate behaviors.

Understanding the non traditional phases of information processing, I work with folks to bring understanding to them at the exact moment they are ready to hear it.

Utilizing tried and true artistic techniques, anyone can transform their internal states…especially when words alone are not enough to describe the depth of feelings and emotions that exist in the subconscious.

“Ed is a gifted and talented art therapist who works great with both kids and adults. His expanded view of both psychotherapeutic and spiritual matters gives him a broad palette with which to work. I would highly recommend him as a terrific alternative to traditional psychotherapy.”

– Tina G.

If you have been searching for a Long Island therapist and need assistance, I can help you.

Office: (631) 493-0933

Mobile: (516) 652-4361

My fees are reasonable and affordable for most individuals and families.