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About Creative Sanctuary

As children, we inhabit a world of imagination, fantasy, discovery and wonder…

In this world, a world of creativity, harmony and peace, our creative spirit flourishes. I call this our

Creative Sanctuary

Person MeditatingFor some, this creative spirit gets lost or suppressed during life’s journey – whether by the stress of everyday circumstances, developmental challenges, or mental health issues. In our current world, we see a growing dependency on technology and a resulting sense of alienation. Our Creative Sanctuary has disintegrated, and without its support and sustenance, we feel anxious and lost. We feel a sense of emptiness and we no longer seem to have the “emotional muscle” to handle the everyday stress of the world, let alone significant additional challenges, such as autism, pervasive developmental disorders or depression.

We are searching…searching for something different, something more spiritual, and something effective. Art therapy by Creative Sanctuary can fill this void, by providing a special environment that will nurture and sustain the creative spirit, address emotional interference, and lay the groundwork for healing and continued growth. Participants will express feelings and emotions, find answers to many questions, and learn ways to alleviate stress and regain a sense of self and peace.

Why Did Ed Develop Creative Sanctuary?

In 1999, after having been in practice for over 25 years and witnessing the tragedy of Columbine, Ed spoke with numerous parents, colleagues, children and schools. It became apparent that nobody had a way to embrace the depth of emotional trauma that children and all people have the capacity to be hit with. Going deeper into studying the world of quantum physics, researching and understanding the nature of cellular trauma, Ed responded by taking his years of experience and designing a program that would address this depth of subconscious imprinting – allowing it to be embraced, released and ultimately worked through and facilitating people’s journey through life.

creative sanctuary

What Is The Theoretical Basis?

Creative Sanctuary has been successfully demonstrated over 35 years across a wide variety of clinical and corporate settings. The common denominator between all people is the realization and acceptance that emotions both conscious and unconscious are the drivers of behavior. When behaviors become challenging, antisocial, self-defeating, and self destructive, they must be addressed in order to remove the blocks they create to experiencing a free flow of life’s energy.

Many practitioners do not know how to reach the unconscious level of emotions that are always present, especially if the individual does not have the ability to use cognitive communication to express themselves – for example, young children and any individuals with special needs who cannot communicate verbally. Even when an individual can communicate verbally, words alone cannot fully express the depth of their thoughts and feelings. This area can only be reached through symbolic means.

Creative Sanctuary provides a safe space for adults and children, where one can explore, identify, release and work through the issues at hand.



Why Does It Work?

No matter what impairments, everyone can access the unconscious through the tools of the artist. Ed’s model of care is an inversion of the traditional model of psychological exploration in that, instead of relying on the time consuming and often unreliable modalities of verbal communication alone, it utilizes a proven, integrated template of services that facilitates expression of emotional, spiritual and cognitive content, without ever threatening a person’s sense of personal autonomy. This results in an enjoyable, multi-sensory experience that simultaneously allows for profound levels of stress reduction, in depth creative self expression and the development of powerful insights. Under the guidance of Creative Sanctuary, people can reach resolution and actualize their potential.

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