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Quantum Imagery Learning Seminars
& Workshops

What Is Creativity? What Is Spirituality? What’s The Difference?

In the traditions of virtually all of the religions of our world, the quest of life is to directly connect with the source. Commonly referred to as God, this omniscient energy exists throughout the known, and some say the unknown as of yet, universe or cosmos.

Creating art, or high art as it is sometimes called is the process of releasing the thoughts, feelings, emotions and other perceptions that all humans have through the creative act of imagery expression. In doing so not only do we achieve immediate stress relief (of what we have been holding inside of ourselves) but we connect directly with the incoming energy of creativity, or Source.

If it is true that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience as opposed to human beings having a spiritual experience….and we are at our base level a sine wave of frequency, such as everything in the cosmos is…and we are “tuning into” the frequency of this current, third dimension of “reality” (energy)…then when a person sees visions, hears voices and / or sounds, feels something not “there”, etc…are they not sick at all? What if there is no pathology, only tuning into different frequencies just like if you were to tune into different radio stations, or websites on the internet, etc. You would simply be “listening” (experiencing) to a different frequency of “reality”. 

How can we help someone who is distressed by this phenomenon?

We help them find their inner “Tuner”…that is find the controls to experience what is causing this “drift in frequency” piercing other realities not under their conscious control, yet.

What is driving this “drift”?

It is the emotions that reside in the subconscious along with the thoughts of the mind that do not allow for the feelings to be fully experienced, witnessed and integrated into conscious awareness.

How do you do this?

There are many techniques and tools that reportedly help. Depending on a person’s culture , mores, religious beliefs and spiritual understanding everything from breath work to yoga can help. The question is …”what can guarantee that the suppressed emotions of the subconscious are allowed to surface” ? ( because the psychological defenses of the human being are very powerful and can block this release).

person meditating

One way that always works is creating mindfulness based imagery or art integrated with a compassionate guide, usually understood as an art therapist.

I have spent my life developing Quantum Imagery Seminars and Workshops to offer you the opportunity to learn about the energetic or vibrational, spiritual world. Learn to  make contact and infuse the cosmic forces and direct them within and without yourself to facilitate personal and global transformation.

No special training or artistic talent is needed, just a willingness to let go of the usual state of our consciousness being so occupied by the business of the mind. Through learning how to breathe, access your spiritual eyes of imagination, I will help you make contact with the dimensions of consciousness that are always present, just out of view due to the stress filled lives we all live.

Come and learn about the vibrational forces of nature and feel the benefits of a stress-free body and mind as you make contact and actually see and feel your spirit! (and have fun while doing it)


  • 3 hour introductory workshop
  • One day, 8 hours of a deeper experience
  • Weekends and week long retreats are custom designed for any individual or organization seeking creative transformation

Please feel free to reach out with any questions at all, especially during these challenging, transformational times!

Creative Sanctuary Training

Creative Sanctuary with Ed Regensburg Program design and development is offered for organizations or private practitioners.

Creative Sanctuary Wellness, Renewal and Reconnection

Also available are:

  • Creative Sanctuary Wellness Workshops
  • Creative Sanctuary Learning Seminars
  • Creative Sanctuary Retreats for Recovery
  • Creative Sanctuary Wellness Based Art Classes for Kids with Special Needs

Multi-sensory Integration Processing approach that teaches social & communication skills, leading to increased self esteem and self regulation.

If you have been searching for a Long Island therapist and need assistance, I can help you.

Office: (631) 493-0933

Mobile: (516) 652-4361

My fees are reasonable and affordable for most individuals and families.