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In need of a therapist? Are you searching for mental health services on Long Island? Finding the right therapist can be difficult. Many turn to therapy or counseling for support in facing life’s challenges. You will seek a mental health therapist for a variety of personal needs. People come for treatment because of stress, depression, anxiety, or the many issues life can bring. After the death of a loved one or for a traumatic relationship, choosing the right therapist for help can mean the difference between continued suffering and returning to a happier and healthier life.

Improve Your Mental Health With Creative Therapy On Long Island

If you are stressed out, feeling depressed, or worried, Ed Regensburg at Creative Sanctuary may be able to help you. Ed will help create a comfortable and collaborative environment so that you can tap into your inner self, overcome hurdles and move towards your life goals.

Ed Regensburg can help you tap into your subconscious through imagery and therapy, so you can become the person you want to be. Ed specializes in mental health treatment that utilizes the ability to express oneself through imagery and speak about the conscious and unconscious issues we encounter throughout a lifetime.

At Creative Sanctuary, Ed offers therapy on Long Island, New York for all.

Ed Regensburg - Therapist
Ed Regensburg, ATR-BC,CHt,LCAT

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LCAT – NYS Licensed Creative Arts Therapist

ATR-BC- Board Certified Art Therapist

CHT-  Certified Hypnotherapist


What Is Psychotherapy?

Problems with one’s mental health and emotions can be addressed through psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy, also known as talk therapy, seeks to assist a person in better understanding their feelings and preparing them to meet new problems in the present and the future.

There are many similarities between psychotherapy and counseling. The latter, on the other hand, tends to focus more on the root reasons for a person’s issues and how to fix them.

Individuals who want to see great outcomes typically have to accept that they have to make changes in their lives and be ready to follow through with them. As part of the process, they’ll need to select a trustworthy psychotherapist, licensed clinical psychologist, licensed clinical social worker, or mental health professional.

Mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, panic disorder, poor self-esteem, substance abuse, personality disorders, eating disorders, anger management, trauma, and grief are just a few of the issues that may be addressed in psychotherapy. There are other mental health issues that can also benefit from talk therapy and therapy sessions. 

Psychotherapy can be recommended by a doctor, but plenty of individuals seek it out on their own. Many mental health professionals offer online therapy sessions these days since the COVID pandemic. Finding the right therapist may also help sway your decision if the mental health professional accepts the patient’s health insurance.

Choosing A Long Island, NY Therapist

When choosing psychotherapy, there are three specific factors to keep in mind. How much experience does the therapist have? What approaches and techniques does the therapist use. And does he or she modify their approach to meet the needs of the individual or family involved?

Always look at experience, therapeutic approach, and willingness to use various approaches when choosing a Long Island, New York therapist.

Years Of Experience In Therapy

We suggest that you consider the years of experience of the therapist when seeking psychotherapy and choosing a social worker or therapist. There is a strong correlation between years of working with patients using the various modes of therapy and successful patient outcomes. In this regard, Ed Regensburg at Creative Sanctuary has been helping his patients using the necessary psychotherapy tools for 40 years.

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Therapeutic Approaches Used

Depending on your specific issues and needs, or those of your family and children, various psychotherapeutic approaches may be necessary, such as art therapy. I have found at Creative Sanctuary that all patients benefit from my unique psychoanalytic-spiritual approach. Adult therapy, in which we explore and help improve emotional and behavioral function, works very well. However, treatment on Long Island, or anywhere, for kids requires different approaches. Thus, our child therapy services use a broader range of approaches that fit children’s needs, especially those with issues like autism spectrum disorder or simply very young age. When choosing a psychotherapist, consider our special needs therapy in which we use non-verbal and verbal methods.


Mental Health Counseling On Long Island

Long Island

If you are in need of a therapist on Long Island, you will want a therapist who is nearby so that you are not making a “pilgrimage” to their office for every visit. And, you should balance convenient access with the prospect of getting effective help for your problems or those of your family or children.

At Creative Sanctuary, Ed uses the most effective methods to help patients explore and get in touch with their pasts and their current emotions. By using the most effective approach tuned to the needs of the individual patient, his therapy sessions help adults and children find the vital insights that they need in order to get on and stay on the path to healing.

Ed Regensburg works with you to help build on your strengths and to excel in the personal growth you are seeking. He works with adults, couples, teens, and families who experience a range of anxiety, and difficulties in life. Creative Sanctuary is a non-judgmental space for a patient to share whatever is on their mind to gain a more enjoyable life.

Whether it’s mental illness, relationship issues, marriage counseling, substance abuse, work problems, life changes, mood disorders, or just about anything else life brings you… Creative Sanctuary is here. It doesn’t matter your age or background, the goal is to work together to uncover whatever detracts from your life and relationships.

Creative Therapy On Long Island

At Creative Sanctuary we understand not everyone is a great verbal communicator so we adapt instead of making you do so. People travel from such Long Island towns as East Northport, Smithtown, Hauppauge, Melville, Huntington, Dix Hills, and Commack for therapy.  

Creative Sanctuary is currently accepting new clients.

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