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Psychological Consultation

As a Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Clinical Art Psychotherapist, I offer you the vast knowledge I have accumulated over forty years of clinical psychotherapy practice, focus group moderation, and market research experience.

Traditional  focus groups are encumbered by the natural defenses all humans share. Even with the use of techniques such as hypnosis, bio-feedback, MRI, data driven surveys, etc. the information gleaned is limited. It simply does not embrace the core spiritual dimension and leaves a vast area of understanding and information unexplored. At Perceptual Insights, my proprietary techniques integrate altered state mindfulness, spirituality and creative expression. This method of focus group moderation allows us to push way beyond the boundaries of traditional methods and go right to the core of the deepest understanding.

Perceptual Insights employs a cutting edge technique that delivers profound observations and the data necessary for understanding the sub-conscious, emotional drivers of consumer buying behavior. This technique explores and integrates altered state phenomena, emotions, thoughts, visualization, authentic creative renderings on a conscious and unconscious level, and psychological analysis of the output. The result is invaluable insight for market researchers, advertisers, and other organizations seeking to understand the depth of the human psyche.

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Imagine if you had a “Hotline To The Unconscious” that could tap into consumers and draw out information that answers questions like:

  • Why are their unconscious emotions and thoughts so powerful?

  • Which emotions will your target audience respond to?

  • What shapes are the most effective to use in your campaign?

  • What colors and tones will your target respond to without even being aware of them?

  • What are the sub-conscious perceptions and feelings common to your target audience?

  • What are the “hidden psychological concepts” that you need to respond to?

These are but a few of the remarkable answers you will receive from  at Perceptual Insights. Ultimately, it’s all about understanding the feelings and psychological dynamics that exist in the sub-conscious and unconscious mind. With focus group moderation, Perceptual Insights exposes, decodes, and delivers this essential information.

My psychological consultations give consumer market research companies and a unique perspective on data they already possess, conducting focus groups to go even further and find specific answers to questions market research consultants have about consumer psychology.

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Creative Sanctuary with Ed Regensburg, LCATEd Regensburg, ATR-BC, CHT.,LCAT is Perceptual Insights. Ed is a Licensed and Board Certified, Clinical Art Psychotherapist (ATR-BC, LCAT) and Board Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT). His unique services include consumer behavior resesarch, market research techniques, as well as focus group moderation.  Based on over 30 years of clinical experience, Ed helps people deeply understand the uniqueness of the human condition.

Ed is an expert at accessing levels of human consciousness through altered state communication, hypnosis, and the use of imagery. Trained in psychoanalysis, mindfulness, metaphysics, and quantum physics, Ed throws open the doors of perception and gives marketers a new and refreshing perspective on the all important drivers of consumer choice.

In addition to many types of market research, Ed is also a pioneer in clinical art psychotherapy and a leader in alternative approaches to conceptualizing mental health services.


Perceptual Insights Offers Psychological Consultation & Focus Group Moderation

Psychological Consultation

psychological consultation

Conventional psychological consultation yields specific information related to a practitioner’s field of interest, experience, and training. Encumbered by the natural defenses all humans share, this “information” fails to embrace the core spiritual dimension of existence leaving a vast area of understanding unexplored.

The Perceptual Insights approach to psychological consultation goes right to that core spiritual dimension of existence. Relying on Ed’s thirty plus years of experience and broad base of training in psychoanalysis, mindfulness, metaphysics, and quantum physics, Perceptual Insights opens the doors of perception for you in a new and refreshing manner.

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Focus Group Moderation

Traditional focus groups are costly, time consuming, and sometimes unreliable. Even focus groups using “non-traditional” approaches such as hypnosis or “neuro-medical” alone do not offer a whole conversation or holistic way to understand people. These groups are characterized by “conscious talking” and an over reliance on high volume technical data that is easily accessible via the internet (surveys, etc.). The results are often cursory at best, or loaded with inconsistencies and untruths at worst.

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At Perceptual Insights we go beyond the superficial, conducting focus groups that fully explore the depth of consumers’ emotions and psychological perceptions. When you work with Perceptual Insights you are probing past the everyday, wakeful state and into the subconscious mind where powerful, psychological insights are available. Through our focus group moderation, we express these insights as a visual road map complete with the triggers that make your target audience respond.

Focus Group Moderation

When you work with Perceptual Insights™ you are probing past the everyday, wakeful state and into the subconscious mind where powerful, psychological insights are available.

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