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Testimonials On Market
& Consumer Research

At Perceptual Insights we have worked across a wide spectrum of product categories to provide insightful market and consumer research to companies from all industries, with a special emphasis on Healthcare / Wellness / Pharmaceuticals / Psychopharmacology.

We customize our focus group program to provide invaluable consumer research for any specific need or product categoryThere is virtually no issue that cannot be effectively worked with… Here is a sample of what a few of our past clients have to say:

“Having worked with Ed on both new business projects and to better understand our existing clients’ communication challenges, I can honestly say Ed’s unique and insightful brand of consumer research always adds tremendous value. In a marketing environment addicted to the lure of the superficial focus group, Ed’s depth methodology promises to illuminate legitimately novel consumer truths.

Ed delivers an unfiltered view of consumers’ rich inner emotional life, then goes one step forward to represent that life in a dramatic visceral way that immediately connects with both clients and creatives. Ed comes highly recommended to marketers who dare to take a walk on the wild side of consumer psychology and gaze into the limitless depths of the human condition.”

-Ted Florea, Senior Planner, JWT, New York

“I have now worked with Ed across categories as diverse as heart disease, arthritis pain, weight loss and future career planning. On each project, Ed has enabled us to unearth powerful insights that have led to important marketing strategy recommendations for our clients.

His unique training and expertise, which span the worlds of art and psychotherapy, are particularly important for “High consideration” categories involving emotionally charged decisions for consumers. Ed is a consummate professional – I cannot recommend his unique talents highly enough.”

-Cathy Lennox, Co-President, Galileo Research and Strategy Consultancy, LLC

“Ed’s contribution to our project proved invaluable in generating unexpected and profound insights into the lives of these sufferers. I can confidently state that we could not have made these discoveries, nor developed our creative product without the benefit of his unique skills. In addition to his mastery of his field, he is a great pleasure to work with, and I wholeheartedly recommend him.”

-Sarah Fitzharding, Ph.D., Senior Brand Planner, JWT

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Psychological Consultation

Conventional psychological consultation yields specific information related to a practitioner’s field of interest, experience, and training. This info fails to embrace the core of existence.

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Focus Group Moderation

When you work with Perceptual Insights™ you are probing past the everyday, wakeful state and into the subconscious mind where powerful, psychological insights are available.

Our Client Stories

Read stories that demonstrate how Perceptual Insights™ uses focus groups and psychological consultations to better understand consumers and their motivations.

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