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Need To Find A Therapist In Ronkonkoma, NY?

You will seek a therapist for a variety of reasons, whether in Ronkonkoma, NY or elsewhere. People come for psychotherapy because of stress, anxiety, behavior patterns, depression or the many issues that life can bring. After the death of a loved one or for relationship issues, choosing the right psychotherapist for help can mean the difference between continued suffering and returning to a happier and healthier life.

Choosing The Right Therapist

When choosing the right psychotherapist for you, there are three things to keep in mind. How much experience does the therapist have? What approaches and techniques does this mental health professional use? And, does he or she modify their approach when meeting the needs of the individual or family involved?

Always look at years’ experience, therapeutic approach, and willingness to use various approaches when choosing therapists.

Over 40 Years Of Experience As A Psychotherapist

Ed Regensburg - Therapist
Ed Regensburg, ATR-BC,CHt,LCAT

We suggest that you consider the years of experience of the mental health professional when seeking a psychotherapy practice for treatment. There is a strong correlation between years of working with people using the various modes of psychotherapy and successful patient outcomes.

Ed Regensburg at Creative Sanctuary has been helping people using the necessary tools of psychotherapy for 40 years.

I am Ed Regensburg of Creative Sanctuary, an experienced adult, child, special needs clinical art psychotherapist. 

At Creative Sanctuary I provide compassionate and effective creative psychotherapy for you, your child and family utilizing special techniques of mindfulness and imagery developed over 40 years that connect you to your creative, spiritual self.

I am trained in analytic psychotherapy, licensed in New York State, and hold board certification as a clinical art therapist (ATR-BC, LCAT) and a pioneer in the field of clinical art psychotherapy. My career as a psychotherapist has been a pursuit of integrated alternative treatment approaches that embrace creativity and spirituality in order to conceptualize and deliver effective mental health services.

Creative Sanctuary with Ed Regensburg, LCAT

Creative Sanctuary with Ed Regensburg, LCAT offers psychotherapy in East Northport for individuals, children, couples and families.
Call Ed Regensburg at (631) 493-0933 for a Free Consultation.

psychotherapy art

Therapeutic Treatment Approaches Used

Depending on your own specific issues and needs, or those of your family and children, any of a variety of psychotherapeutic treatment approaches may be necessary. I have found at Creative Sanctuary that all patients benefit from my unique psychoanalytic-spiritual approach. 

Adult therapy, in which we explore and help improve emotional and behavioral function works very well. However, psychotherapy in Ronkonkoma, or anywhere, for children requires different approaches. Thus, child therapy services use a broader range of approaches that fit the needs of children, and especially those with behavior patterns, issues like autism spectrum disorder, or simply very young age. When choosing to find a therapist for treatment, consider special needs therapy in which we use non-verbal as well as verbal methods.


Ronkonkoma Psychotherapist

If you are in need of a therapist in Ronkonkoma, you will want a psychotherapist who is nearby so that you are not making a “pilgrimage” to their office for every visit. And, you should balance convenient access with the prospect of getting effective help for your problems or those of your family or children.

Creative Sanctuary uses the most effective methods to help people explore and get in touch with their pasts and their current emotions. Whether you’re not sure where the mental health issues come from, or you can narrow it down to marriage and family, I use the most effective approach tuned to your needs.

With over 40 years’ experience as a therapist I help people find the vital insights that they need in order to get on and stay on the path to healing.

I know that not everyone is a great verbal communicator, so I adapt instead of making you do so.

If you need to find a therapist near Ronkonkoma, my fees are reasonable and affordable for most individuals and families.

Creative Sanctuary Psychotherapy & Art Therapy

37 Willoughby Path
East Northport, NY 11731

Phone: (631) 493-0933

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